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Seaford RBL. Facts and Questions - General information.

(Please note that this page is under construction and may vary without warning until complete).



The rules on who can become a member were changed some years ago, removing the need for you to be ex-forces to join so now anyone can apply to be a member.


How do I become a member of The Seaford British Legion Club?


What does it cost?

Fees (correct as of September 2018 but may change without warning):


Initial membership fees are split between The Royal British Legion branch and RBL Seaford club and both are paid seperately.

You must join the branch before you can jon any RBL club.



Initial payment:     35.00 per annum. This covers the fees to branch and club and also the cost of your RBL Seaford door swipe card.

Subsequent years: Renewal is currently at 18.50 to branch AND 8.50 to RBL Seaford, a total of 27.00 per annum.

The branch fee is taken by direct debit whilst at present you are required to pay the club fee at the club in cash.


Is there a minimum age requirement?



Once the forms are completed, How soon can I start to use the club?



Can I bring in a pet dog?


Pet dogs are welcomed but only within a designated area at the end of the club, accessed via the back door.

Access is subject to any other dogs already inside the club - including guide dogs and at the bar managers discretion.

Guide dogs are permitted at any time although there may need to be restrictions on occasions for safety.


Is there parking at the club?



What disabled access is there and disabled facilities within the club?



Can I get vegitarian / vegan meals?



Can I reserve a table for Sunday lunch?



How many people can I sign in as a member and are there any limitations?



Can anyone come in to the club?



Is there any Dress policy?



Can I buy tea or coffee?



Is food available from the bar when the kitchen is closed?



Can I bring in my own food as I have dietry requirements?



When is the annual general meeting held?